Why Glaze?

There are two reasons why glaze is a valuable artwork:

Firstly, the material of ancient glaze is special, and its production process is quite complicated, which requires dozens of procedures to complete, some of which take ten to twenty days, and mainly relies on manual work. The grasp of each link is quite difficult, and the difficulty of grasping the fire can be said to be half by skill and half by luck. The rate of finished products is only 70% for the oven alone. What's more, the ancient glaze is not recyclable, which means that if there is a little problem, the efforts of many people will be wasted in ten days or dozens of procedures.

Secondly, glaze is not only a material, but also a cultural product, more importantly, there are no two identical glaze products.

1. lengthy production process: from conception, design, sculpture, firing, fine repair, polishing to the completion of the work, it takes forty-seven delicate and tedious manual processes to complete.

2. hand-made: workers must master the technology before they can operate, and each process has its own variable changes.

3. One mold, one product: one mold can only fire one piece of work, and it cannot be used twice, and large and complex works even need to be opened and fired several times to complete. The low success rate makes the work more valuable and precious.

4. High-temperature firing: selected raw materials are melted into various colors at a high temperature of over 1400℃.Crystal Glass After being selected and cleaned for several times, the works are placed in the mold according to the proportion of materials used, and set a strict temperature rise and fall curve, and the furnace temperature must be controlled within 1000℃±5℃. The firing process lasts for more than 15 days, so that the crystal raw materials are precise to every detail.

To ensure that the work is fine, exquisite, three-dimensional, real, flowing and clear.